Thursday, January 28, 2010

21 of 365

Becky called me out of the blue this afternoon and asked what I was doing for supper. She was in Regina with a friend and wanted to see me and Deron. We decided to go to Spices of Punjab and the food was FANTASTIC. Deron and Becky like spicy food, so we got super spicy vindaloo as well as some less spicy butter chicken, rice, veggies, and much more. Unfortunately I tried some of the vindaloo and it made my nose run and my mouth burn. All the rest of the food tasted super spicy until I was able to get rid of the vindaloo taste. Despite that burning sensation, the food was still GREAT and I would recommend it to everyone.

I hope Becky comes back to visit again soon because with her living in Meadow Lake I sure do miss her.

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  1. Where are days 22 through 30? I want to see them!